PACS system in mobile view

The electronic PACS watcher for cell phones or PCs
The electronic watcher dicomPACS®MobileView considers as a part of the numerous expansion modules of dicomPACS® symptomatic programming. As a basically free program, it permits the survey of picture material on cell phones likewise outside a facility or a training. The specialist or the nursing staff can get to all picture material from the dicomPACS® framework overall through an organization association. PACS system in mobile view

Notwithstanding simple analytic assessment of pictures, the dicomPACS®MobileView watcher permits symptomatic reports to be caught and sent out. Reports might be appended and traded. All symptomatic reports of a patient are constantly shown. Individual demonstrative reports of a patient might be chosen for trading and organized.

There are numerous applications. On stand by emergency clinic specialists can quickly make a first demonstrative because of dicomPACS®MobileView. This saves the patient a great deal of time and extra visits. Yet additionally during a ward round, further treatment can be examined along with the patient or partners straightforwardly at the bedside utilizing a cell phone.

PACS – Extension module of the symptomatic programming: Web analysis of X-beam pictures PACS system in mobile view
PACS: program free review of picture material
Notwithstanding unadulterated revealing of pictures, MobileView-Viewer additionally offers the recording of announcing texts and the commodity of these
High stacking speed through current streaming innovation
Adjusts with cell phones: Discuss treatment at the bedside with patients or partners PACS system in mobile view
The primary benefits initially:
High adaptability through the utilization inside different web programs, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5, Safari for iPad and Android program
Instinctive activity
Upholds the multi-contact working innovation (for example zoom in and out with two-fingers)
Upholds full screen mode
Permits getting to the dicomPACS®DX-R or dicomPACS® data set with practically no extra modules PACS system in mobile view
Permits playing series (for example ultrasound) PACS system in mobile view
High stacking speed with present day streaming innovation

The electronic watcher offers a significant scope of elements of an expert PACS watcher
Picture explanation in different varieties (e.g., bolt, text)
Estimation (e.g., length, point) PACS system in mobile view
Discoveries reports including custom report layouts
Record connection
Picture examination utilizing various matrices
Picture revolution and reflecting PACS system in mobile view
Splendor and differentiation change
Picture reversal, zooming in/out
Full screen and fit picture modes
Picture panning PACS system in mobile view
Picture series looking over
Cine circle for multi-outline series and MRI/CT
Archive and picture trade
Archive and picture printing

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