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Radiologists require clear, precise images for effective and accurate diagnoses. Aycan Workstation is an effective solution for fast and easy access to medical images. Aycan Workstation masters the full spectrum of medical image data, from basic X-ray images to multislice CTs, from 2D viewers to 4D and 5D viewers. It includes advanced post-processing software, general diagnostic readings, and is equipped with certified plug-ins. DICOM 3.0 compatibility guarantees your PACS connection.

Quick & Reliable

Quick & Reliable

Aycan Workstation is the multimodality workstation with the latest technology for diagnosis and post-processing. It is equipped for post-processing: multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), maximum projection intensity (MIP), and 3D volume rendering.
Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Aycan workstation can be seamlessly integrated with any environment. It can be linked with all common RIS and patient management systems and ensures a better understanding and productivity in daily work
Security & Service

Security & Service

Aycan workstation is CE-marked and has the approval of the US FDA. It offers the doctor full conformity with the Medical Devices Act (MPG)- and also offers a comprehensive all-round service and support

Diagnostic Workstation

The Aycan OsiriXPRO Diagnostic Workstation covers the full range of medical image data and their presentation from simple X-ray to multi-slice CT – from 2D Viewer to 4D and 5D. Post-processing and advanced visualization at the highest level. DICOM 3.0 compatibility ensures that you are connected to your PACS.
  • Easy control and fast workflow
  • Short image loading times
  • Professional image processing
  • Post-processing included

Mammography Workstation

The Aycan OsiriXPRO Mammography Workstation provides fast loading times and intuitive, easy-to-use software for, for example, the assessment of complex breast MRI studies. Connected to 5 MP monitors, you get a more accurate grayscale – perfect for diagnosis. With the Hanging Protocols plug-in, you can save your screen settings and open different layouts with just one click.
  • Easy control and fast workflow
  • Professional image processing
  • More precise shades of gray and high resolution
  • Improved Hanging Protocols
  • Support of Tomosynthesis objects

Vessel Analysis Workstation

Aycan OsiriXPRO Vessel Analysis Workstation is ideal for carotid artery segmentation, coronary arteries, pelvic and leg arteries, aorta. The interactive wizard guides you from diameter and length provision to 2D/3Dvessel presentation and 3D Curved MPR with center lines to post-processing and exporting.
  • Easy operation and faster workflow
  • Professional image processing
  • Preoperative planning in 2D/3D
  • Comparison of pre- and post-operative investigations

Oncology Workstation

The Aycan OsiriXPRO Oncology Workstation allows the simultaneous display of multimodal series and their follow-up with an integrated image fusion (FusionSync plug-in). The RECIST plug-in lets you determine oncological problems according to RECIST 1.1. Guidance.
  • Easy operation and faster workflow
  • Professional image processing
  • Synchronous presentation of baseline and follow-ups
  • Automated image registration and synchronization of follow-up studies

Read-in Workstation

The Aycan OsiriX2D Read-in Workstation allows you to import / export images from CDs or DVDs and view them in the 2D Viewer. DICOMDIR files are detected automatically. The data can be modified before importing and sent to DICOM nodes automatically.
  • Simple, automated import of patient CDs with an adaptation of Metadata
  • Data export to PACS
  • 2D Viewer for viewing and reporting
  • PC Virus Free


  • Window Level & Window Width
  • Zoom, Rotate, and Synchronize
  • ROIs: Length, Angel, Polygon, Ellipse, Rectangle, Pencil, Point, Text
  • Color Tables (CLUTs)
  • 3D MPR ThickSlab
  • Multi-Planar Reconstruction (Orthogonal, 3D, curved
  • MIP & MinIP
  • DSA / Subtraction
  • 3D Volume Rendering
  • Bone Removal Tool
  • Scissors Tool
  • Segmentation
  • Grow Region
  • 4D and 5D Viewer (Time Level and Metabolism)
  • Image Fusion


  • 11 bits for finer shades of gray
  • 4D ROI Statistics (voxel analyzes)
  • PDFs / JPGs to convert DICOM
  • Ejection Fraction
  • DICOM Print Film Composer
  • Advanced Hanging Protocols for Mammography
  • ISLink (RIS coupling)
  • Media Importer (CD-/DVD-Import)
  • Data Transmission and sending of messages / images to aycan Mobile iPad App
  • RECIST 1.1 (Oncological Evaluations)
  • Reports with Personalized Stationery
  • Vessel Analysis (Vessel Segmentation)
  • FusionSync (Automated Image Fusion)


  • DICOM Storage SCU/SCP
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve SCU/SCP
  • DICOM Print SCU
  • Import/Export of different image formats (DICOM, JPG, TIF, …)

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