Standardization of radiology report structure ensures completeness and comparability

The radiology report is a clinical and source document that offers an interpretation and diagnosis of any radiology procedure and is the primary means of communication between the radiologist and the referred physician. The radiology report includes contains detailed anatomical, medical and diagnostic terminology explicitly written for healthcare providers.

Booklet is a key to optimize the radiology report. Booklet reporting is done on Dicom images to paper with patient details, detailed diagnosis, and radiology images. The booklet produces accurate, effective and clear reports in a timely manner in order to add value to the patient care and effective treatment.

Advance Features for radiology report

  • Image reception for DICOM Print or DICOM Store printout.
  • Multi-formats printing: A3, A4, booklet, etc.…
  • Dicom Paper picks up patient and exam details to personalize several areas of printed documents, such as cover, header, and footer.
  • ooklet mode through customization of 1st and 4th cover pages with patient data and report integration.
  • Exams merge automatic integration of several exams from one patient in the booklet.
  • Configuration of rendering parameters: gamma, brightness, contrasts, histogram adjustment, contour enhancement, geometric transformation.
  • Web Interface to follow-up the printing process with the possibility to cancel/launch again a task.
  • Automatic merging of medical examinations with multiple examination results of the patient within a single booklet.


  • Compatibility with all RIS to retrieve the report (HPRIM, HL7,).
  • Compatibility with all modalities and DICOM sources.
  • Integrated services: DICOM Store, Query & Retrieve, Print, and Worklist.
  • Compatibility with all printer models.
  • SDF calibration in compliance with IHE recommendations.

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