Clinic Management System

  • Powerful, Flexible & User-friendly
  • Reduce Medical Errors
  • HIPAA Compliance

Comprehensive software to digitize and deliver high-quality healthcare services seamlessly and efficiently

Agna ERP is a highly innovative and well-built healthcare system designed to improve the efficiency of the institution and offer outstanding service to all patients. Agna ERP can handle all medical services seamlessly along with logistical, medical, legal, and financial controls. Healthcare services such as Patient Management, Inventory, Radiology, Mobile/ Tablet Apps, Insurance, Accounting, HR/Payroll, Secured Messaging, Doctor and Patient Portals, Online Scheduling, and Biometric Integration, HL7/Integrated PACS, Business Intelligence and Feedback.

Powerful, Flexible, and User-Friendly

  • Improves communication and interaction
  • Easy to use, and eliminates errors
  • Digitalized patient record systems
  • Highly reliable cloud-based software ed systems
  • Single software to manage multiple branches
  • Powerful Business intelligence
  • Seamless revenue management system
  • Complete data security and improved privacy
  • A complete decision support system
  • Integrated Inventory Management system

We designed and developed our software to smoothly manage all aspects of an institution, along with administrative, medical, legal, and financial control to ensures efficiency and effectiveness.

The Core Modules

Patient registration

Patient registration

Effortless registration the patient and schedule appointment minimal any scope of error.
Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record

Digitally maintaining the patient’s medical records.
Patient Data Management

Patient Data Management

Tracking patient records, diagnostics, medications, interactions, and consultations within healthcare organizations.
Doctor Management

Doctor Management

Physicians can have quick access to patient medications, reports, financial AR, and patient summary.
OPD Management System

OPD Management System

To manage patient queue in departments with an external display.
Comprehensive Billing System

Comprehensive Billing System

To manage the cash flow, patient billing, price management, and digital invoicing.
Service & Support

Service & Support

We offer flexible, fast, and dedicated support and service.
Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

We maintain a secure processing environment and protect patient information and documents.

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