Radiology Imaging

Agna is a full-included PACS arrangement that worked to view, process, share, and manage radiologic images easily. This revolutionary strategy has the potential to retrieve medical images rapidly and effortlessly. The PACS framework supports all DICOM modalities and can import and export any media.

DICOM 3.0 agreeable picture chronicling and correspondence framework. The PACS host gives availability to all DICOM modalities (CR, DX, CT, MR, US, XA, and so forth.). Audit of DICOM pictures and diagnostics should be possible utilizing the Agna Web DICOM Viewer.

Revolutionize Radiology Reporting Tool

Agna PACS offers an accessible and secure diagnostic framework to enhance the precision of diagnostic information given to physicians and clinicians, which can help to optimize treatment decisions. We have a standardized reporting framework with a view and reporting tool on a single platform with user-defined templates, structured reports and embedded voice recognition

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