pos system for restaurant in india

The times of “Marge” taking your request giving the pass to the short-request cook, taking the client’s installment and placing in the sales register are over in the cutting edge eatery business. Marge, and the short-request cook, may in any case be there, however the sales register has been supplanted by an of Sale framework. The framework actually starts with the client’s organization. pos system for restaurant in india

A POS framework tracks deals. The waitperson enters the arranged things into the PC or by contacting the screen. The PC computes the bill including charge. At the point when the client pays the waitperson enters the receipt number and the sum paid. The POS charges the credit or check card or – – on account of money – – enters the money sum and computes the change. pos system for restaurant in india

Food Preparation
In totally robotized frameworks the request shows up on the PC screen back in the food arrangement region. The cook readies the dish and keys that it is done into the PC. The waitperson can see on their screen that the dish is done. In less refined frameworks, the POS framework produces a ticket which is genuinely given to the food prep staff.

pos system for restaurant in india

Refreshment Preparation
The barkeep is told through the POS System that beverages have been requested by the client with the waitperson’s number. The barkeep takes care of the request and advises the waitperson. pos system for restaurant in india

As the orders are finished the POS advises the stock framework that the fixings to cause the dish to have been utilized. The stock framework then deducts that from accessible things and puts the things on the buying framework.

A completely coordinated POS framework eliminates representative robbery. A thing won’t be arranged except if it’s in the request passage framework which produces the client’s bill. There are a few things the framework can’t forestall, for example, a waitperson duping the client or a barkeep offering free beverages, like packaged lager or shots. The barkeep or waitperson can likewise charge the client for the beverage however not input it into the framework, then, at that point, pocket what the client pays. pos system for restaurant in india

Not in the least does the POS framework can follow deals, money and stock, it additionally can follow representative efficiency, normal deals per worker, what menu things are the most well known and how rapidly arranges are served from season of info. Different reports incorporate the quantity of clients served on an hourly and everyday schedule and the times the tables turn – – new clients are situated. Cafés with beyond what one area can change menu things and costs with the POS framework. pos system for restaurant in india

What is the use POS in restaurants?

pos helps restaurants to mange sales , and food order , pay pills online , it make our work process and order management very easy

what is qr scan POS system

clients can scan the qr to view our restaurant menu to order and can order food online an can pay online

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