Digital image management software

The electronic PACS watcher for mobile phones or PCs
The electronic watcher dicomPACS®MobileView considers as a piece of the various extension modules of dicomPACS® suggestive programming. As an essentially free program, it allows the review of picture material on phones similarly outside an office or a preparation. The subject matter expert or the nursing staff can get to all image material from the dicomPACS® system generally speaking through an association affiliation. PACS framework in versatile view Digital image management software

Despite straightforward scientific evaluation of pictures, the dicomPACS®MobileView watcher grants indicative reports to be gotten and conveyed. Reports may be annexed and exchanged. All indicative reports of a patient are continually shown. Individual illustrative reports of a patient may be picked for exchanging and coordinated. Digital image management software

There are various applications. Ready and waiting crisis center experts can rapidly make a first illustrative as a result of dicomPACS®MobileView. This saves the patient a lot of time and additional visits. However moreover during a ward round, further treatment can be inspected alongside the patient or accomplices directly at the bedside using a cell.

PACS – Extension module of the suggestive programming: Web examination of X-shaft pictures PACS framework in versatile view
PACS: program free audit of picture material
Despite pure uncovering of pictures, MobileView-Viewer also offers the recording of reporting texts and the ware of these Digital image management software
High stacking speed through current streaming development
Changes with phones: Discuss treatment at the bedside with patients or accomplices PACS framework in portable view
The essential advantages at first:
High versatility through the usage inside various web programs, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5, Safari for iPad and Android program
Intuitive movement
Maintains the multi-contact working development (for instance zoom in and out with two-fingers) Digital image management software
Maintains full screen mode
Licenses getting to the dicomPACS®DX-R or dicomPACS® informational collection with essentially no additional modules PACS framework in portable view
Licenses playing series (for instance ultrasound) PACS framework in versatile view
High stacking speed with present day streaming development Digital image management software

The electronic watcher offers a critical extent of components of a specialist PACS watcher
Picture clarification in various assortments (e.g., bolt, text)
Assessment (e.g., length, point) PACS framework in versatile view
Revelations reports including custom report formats
Record association Digital image management software
Picture assessment using different lattices
Picture upheaval and reflecting PACS framework in versatile view
Wonder and separation change
Picture inversion, zooming in/out Digital image management software
Full screen and fit picture modes
Picture panning PACS framework in portable view
Picture series investigating
Cine circle for multi-frame series and MRI/CT
Chronicle and picture exchange
Chronicle and picture printing

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