Agna Web DICOM Viewer

Agna Web DICOM Viewer is a full-included PACS arrangement that worked to view, process, share, and manage radiologic images easily. This revolutionary strategy has the potential to retrieve medical images rapidly and effortlessly. The PACS framework supports all DICOM modalities and can import and export any media.

DICOM 3.0 agreeable picture chronicling and correspondence framework. The PACS host gives availability to all DICOM modalities (CR, DX, CT, MR, US, XA, and so forth.). Audit of DICOM pictures and diagnostics should be possible utilizing the Agna Web DICOM Viewer.Agna Web DICOM Viewer

Benefits of using Agna PACS

Ultra-fast streaming technology, User-friendly design and Highly Secure Agna Web DICOM Viewer

Flexible, customizable, and low maintenance cloud platform

Agna PACS stable, safe, and flexible cloud-based storage makes it easy to share and access all images and, then reporting can be done anywhere at any time. Our cloud-based PACS can easily overcome complex processes while eliminate or reduces on-site expenditures and offers more storage with security. Agna Web DICOM Viewer

Remote Accessibility from Anywhere

Doctors can digitally view images using a web-based DICOM viewer without compromising image quality in minimal time. This innovative feature provides several ways to safely share images without a complicated infrastructure and without compromising security.

Revolutionize Radiology Reporting Tool

Agna PACS offers an accessible and secure diagnostic framework to enhance the precision of diagnostic information given to physicians and clinicians, which can help to optimize treatment decisions. We have a standardized reporting framework with a view and reporting tool on a single platform with user-defined templates, structured reports and embedded voice recognition.

Agna Pixel, a full-fledged diagnostic viewer designed with precision is a user-friendly web-based interface with high-performance efficiency. DICOM viewer for medical images designed to offer a special experience with its intuitive interface and, great precision. We developed this software to achieve high efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of the results. Besides being fast, efficient, and, reliable, it facilitates access to DICOM images from anywhere. Agna Web DICOM Viewer

Quick and Seamless Integration

Agna Pixel is CE class IIa certified as a medical device which can be utilized for primary diagnosis as well as review purposes. It is also cleared by the FDA for Diagnostic use. The viewer component runs on the browser without requiring any prior configuration and installation on the client device. All the communication with hospital systems (HIS/PACS/RIS/any other EMR) is handled by Agna Pixel’s server while also preparing images for streaming to its viewer. The use of open and flexible integration interface allows Agna Pixel to connect easily with any type of HIS and /or EMR systems through URL calls and ultimately integrates into the medical application of any type. Agna Web DICOM Viewer

Agna Pixel Pro

Innovative 3d technique for better visualization

Agna Pixel Pro is a lightweight 3D viewer that simplifies the technique for reconstruction of two-dimensional image slices in three-dimensional visual representations. The technology uses various 3D reconstruction techniques such as MPR and MIP to provide several different alternative views of the original data. Agna Web DICOM Viewer

Agna Pixel Pro has the standard tools and advanced MPR features:

  • Oblique MPR. Allows the users to review structures better that are not in the acquisition orientation or orthogonal views;
  • MIP. Maximum Intensity Projection mode for rendering the images;
  • MinIP. Minimum Intensity Projection mode for rendering the images;
  • AVG. Average mode for rendering the images;
  • Features of 2D. Window leveling, pan, zoom, measurements: line, angle, scroll, crosshair;
  • 3D rendering. Rendering of 3D volume with rotation, pan, zoom functions and applying the transfer function presets.
  • MPR / MIP comparison. Several 3D images can be compared at the same tim

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