Agna Remote Reporting

Agna Teleradiology
A Powerful and Modern Tool for Remote Reporting
Restoratively Approved as a Class 2B CE Device and FDA affirmation
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Creative Technology for Remote Reporting
Agna Teleradiology is the electronic transmission of radiologic pictures starting with one area then onto the next with the end goal of translation and detailing. With Agna teleradiology programming, a medical clinic or center will play out the radiologic methods, and later the pictures will be imparted to the radiologist for fast finding. The radiologist is accessible all day, every day particularly for development cases, when patients might require a conclusion and treatment at the earliest opportunity. We follow HIPAA guidelines to keep all understanding information secure. What’s more, with high picture quality and goal, the radiologist can have better perceivability of fine subtleties and can report with high exactness.

Straightforward and Elegant Technology to Transform Radiology Practices
Agna teleradiology is a strong and current apparatus utilized by radiologists to share pictures and reports in light of HTML5 innovation, and zero impressions. Our product is therapeutically supported as a Class 2B CE Device and FDA confirmation.

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